Mandala Yoga Beach Towel
Mandala Yoga Beach Towel Mandala Yoga Beach Towel Mandala Yoga Beach Towel

The Perfect Yoga Beach Towel…

The first things that comes to many peoples’ minds when they think of Yoga  are physical exercises, stretching, and yoga poses. However, Yoga is much more than just exercise. The real meaning of yoga is “union”—union of mind, intellect, emotions, and body, and union of the individual with the universal.  Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  

Spending time in nature can help you add a different dimension to your Yoga meditation. Surrounding yourself with the sounds of the surf, the feel of the ocean breeze, and the heat of the sun's rays will help remind you to focus on the present. Expand your consciousness and dive deeper into your  connection to nature.

This beautiful new round towel design  was inspired by the serene blue hues of the ocean  and the natural pattern of the lotus flower. Using a thick cotton weave , the  60 inch wide  towel as our yoga canvas and is  adorned with the highest quality tassels.  This beautifully designed beach towel will help you drift off into a relaxed bliss no matter  what awaits you back at home...

  • 100% cotton velour/terry towel
  • Luxuriously thick  2.6lb weight towel for that beautiful soft finish
  • Large 60in diameter to comfortably fit you and another lucky person.