Is being calm the same as being present?
Yoga exercises are  about staying calm.  And yet, if you are anything like me, you may find yourself stressing out over whether your doing the poses right.  The remedy, it would seem, is understanding the difference between staying calm and being present. 
Busy Bee's
We all have busy lives. There are dishes to wash, laundry to fold, kids to take care of, work emails to answer, and  that Facebook page isn't going to check itself!   Many of us are quite capable of juggling our daily tasks rather calmly.   We move from one task to another swiftly and efficiently like an assembly line worker.  When things get a little overwhelming, the usual calming advice is to detach yourself from the moment, or to shift your focus,
Are we Coping Properly?
The advice to disengage from life is a coping mechanism. Yet, it seems to be inadequate somehow.   Life, after all,  is meant to be lived, not observed.  Detachment risks making us spectators in our own lives. I believe that's why  being present  is so important.  
Be in the Moment.
As you juggle your daily work load, calm and collected,  a sudden interruption by a child can interrupt your calm.   But if you practice being present you'll be able to set aside your many tasks and concentrate on what is  before you.  In that moment, you'll notice that there is only you and the child.  You will learn to appreciate the child for who he or she is, and be grateful that you have this time together.   There's nothing to be stressed about, and no reason to "stay calm." 
The Present is a Gift.
With the idea of being present at the front of my mind,   I find myself enjoying the moments I can spend doing my yoga exercises. I concentrate completely on the movements, and I don't wonder how ridiculous I may look, or whether I'm ever going to get it right.   All the distractions of the mind are left to melt away so I can enjoy this moment - of which I have so precious few. 

Happy and Healthy.
A healthy life isn't about being calm, it's about being present.  So, here is your challenge for this week: We don't have to be slaves to our psychology.   Practice being present with your emotions. Don't let them influence you - just let them wash over you and notice how they come and they go.
Stay present, and carry on...
 Adam & the entire Shandali family.

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