Shanti - means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility and bliss.

Mandali - from the Sanskrit mandala meaning circle, connection, community. 

Shandali is combination of Shanti and Madali

Our mission is to help people live a healthier lifestyle. We create products and promote culture that make it easy to be healthy and stay connected. Our focus is you. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

We provide a world-class yoga experience through quality products, quick shipping, and amazing customer service, while fostering a community of yogis around the world who support and inspire one another. We believe balance is the basis of a happy, healthy life – discover balance with Shandali.



In March of 2013, Jeremie (the Shandali founder) headed to Bali, Indonesia to surf and find other people intent on living a healthy lifestyle.

It was when he arrived in the town of Ubud that he experienced this yoga lifestyle and this thriving community to the fullest; simply put, he fell in love.
Shortly after landing in Ubud, Jeremie launched Shandali as a way to unite modern yogis and build a global community with shared values. The idea was to create a community of people dedicated to learning, educating, and creating the offerings that make up a healthy, successful and progressive lifestyle.
This included physical movement culture from yoga to surfing to dancing, plus spiritual growth practices from meditation to self-inquiry, as well as the emotional and energetic aspects of living a higher charged and purposeful life.
Ultimately, Shandali’s goal is to help people find fulfillment through healthy conscious living while also providing the best products and gear to use while doing that. Our products are eco-friendly and made with love.


A community of yogis around the world who support each others’ growth spiritually, professionally, and physically within their yoga practice.

Change takes time and progress is being made to raise the level of consciousness. We need your help to change society. Connect with us by attending one of our Shandali events, becoming a Shandali Ambassador and host your own events, and continue supporting Shandali through our eco-friendly fitness gear.