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You may have seen a special looking towel covering someones yoga mat during one of your yoga classes and wondered what it was and why? Although Yoga mats are made to be sticky and slip resistant, it can be quite uncomfortable practicing while sweating up a storm. My current Yoga mat is actually made to get stickier when wet which is absolutely amazing especially when it comes to safety in your practice. Although it is innovative, it is also pretty gross when you think about all the bacteria soaking in it practice after practice - yes you can wash it all you want but it is never going to be new! Yoga mat towels not only help absorb all the sweat and toxins leaking out of us during practice (yikes) but it also helps to keep your mat free of bacteria but that doesn't mean you should skip washing it afterwards.

Yoga mat towels are super absorbent and made to be sticky and grippy for easy transition between poses perfect for yoga especially hot yoga and various exercises with or without a mat to create an absorbent non slip surface.

Not only are they just a no brainer for your studio or home practice but also for your outdoor practice. My favorite place to practice yoga is outdoors where i can hear the birds, and feel the wind in my hair (hmmmm glorious) This is so hard to do with my thick mat over an un-leveled surface such as grass or sand. If you are a beach yoga type of OMie then yoga mat towels should be your go to. They form with every bump in the ground and are sticky, deliciously grippy, absorb sweat and lets not forget to mention that they are compact! Fold and go. Also love traveling with my towels, such a win when you are at the airport on a layover or for those who work in offices...Thank me later!

Shandali Reached out to me to try and review their Sticky Fiber Hot Yoga Towel so of course i was in to it and excited to give you the scoop. The Shandali Sticky Fiber Hot Yoga Towel is 24"by 72" weighing approximately 1lb and comes in 5 colors (because we gotta match our outfits right?) The one i decided to try was the "ForgetMeNot" and each towel comes with an Eco-silicone "web grip bottom" (sounds hi-tek) This web grip feature results in 5x less slipping! (Can i get an OMMMMM Please!). I also have to point out that Shandali has to be the most affordable quality yoga mat towel I have practiced with. My favorite feature is the web grip bottom, this mat really stays in place! and the top feel is perfect for when your palms and feet are sweaty. Definitely sticky when wet! if you have a more slow paced practice with little to no sweat simply sprits with water.

If you are like me and sweat from the palms of your hands and basically every pore on the body or simply just want a lightweight portable mat

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