Would you like to become a Shandali Ambassador and represent our brand while also receiving incredible stuff? Become an Ambassador and you’ll be spoiled with attention- from free Shandali gear to business advice and promotion to meditation lessons, workshops, and more! We’re here to help you live a more successful, balanced, and happy life – while you spread Shandali bliss with the world.

Everything from Shandali yoga towels to beach bags will be sent your way, you can test our new products before they hit the shelves, let us know what you think as our first customers.

We promote our Ambassadors on our website, blog, facebook page, and instagram account- you’ll gain more followers and can connect with larger audiences on topics you’re passionate about.

Shandali Ambassadors host events in their hometowns (or other cities they choose), bringing together individuals to form a loving community to do good and have fun in this world (click on “Host an Event” to learn more). You are also invited to join us when we are hosting events or participating in them nearby. We promote these events and will give you Shandali supplies.

As a Shandali Ambassador you’ll receive complimentary business training and advice. Learn how to create an online business, promote yourself, and connect with your community (training includes a 6 hour course on how to build and maintain your website). We treat our ambassadors as an extension of ourselves (as we all should treat everyone in our lives, right?), that’s why we want to help you be the best you can be.

You’ll receive personal/spiritual/unique development including meditation lessons and sessions, positive mantras, healthy recipes, free lectures, …etc. In addition to sourcing speakers who educate our Ambassadors, our Ambassadors educate each other as well! Everyone has a unique specialty, talent, or skill- by sharing with each other we all grow and become more enlightened.

You will represent Shandali on facebook, instagram, on your blog, website, in yoga class, and everywhere else. Will post to your social media outlets, wear and use our products and post about them – let the world know how much you love Shandali. <3

We would love to have you on our team. Please fill out the form below to apply: